Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Red Riding Hood Process

Here is my painting process for the Red Riding Hood illustration. I usually work this way with some variation depending on the client. I also went through a long process of getting the drawing just right but I didn't keep enough of the old sketches to show. The sketching/drawing sometimes takes the longest amount of time. I also use a bunch of wolf, tree, forest, mood and lighting, girl, and poppy reference.
I try not to get too tight with the final drawing. I don't like it when it feels like I am coloring a grayscale drawing (like coloring and black and white photo). It ends up turning out a little different then the sketch but I have more fun painting.
I also try to keep my layers organized but sometimes the last layer is a touch up everything layer.  :)

Also here are some detail shots. I am trying not to be to tight with everything and leave some brush strokes.


Mike Blake illustration said...

Wow, thanks! I have been educated. :) Honestly, I like the sound of your "copy-paste" method and it seems like a method I will have to try in the future.

Thanks for taking the time to explain and depict more of your process!!!

Felicia Cano said...

It works well for me. I can move the character around, adjust the anatomy and pose, etc without messing up the background.
No problem!!

Mike Blake illustration said...

How would you approach an illustration where there are multiple characters? Do you copy and paste each one individually (and keep them on own their own layer) or work them together so that they always relate correctly to each other and the background?

Good example:

Felicia Cano said...

Okay so I hope this answer your questions. :)