Thursday, June 26, 2014

Flourish and Blotts Painting Planing

I was asked how I would plan out a digital painting with lots of characters like this one:

I would not have every character as a separate layer. I would group them and most likely condense them for file size issues. An example would be I would work on Arthur and Ginny together and Ron separately but I would most likely drop them to one layer together. This would be a huge file like more then a Gig so I would start to have some computer slow down problems if I let it get too crazy.

I tried to break down how I would most likely tackle this one (after color studies). 
Each outlined character would be a separate layer or layers
2.Gilderoy and the Photographer
3.Percy, the Grangers and Mrs Weasley
4.Lucius and Mr. Weasley (on separate layers)
5.Ginny and Malfoy
6.Ron and Harry and Hermione
7. Then Fred and George and the rest of the Witches
After that it would be touch-ups on everything and lighting effects.

I might jump around a bit between characters if I need a break. I would make sure my layers are organized. I like to slightly adjust the figures positions and/or limbs and it becomes a nightmare if the character is on 6 separate layers all over the place.

I do still like this sketch but I am not yet ready to paint it. I think the drawing still needs to be pushed more. :)

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Mike Blake illustration said...

You are amazing! Thank you for taking the time to explain and depict your process. The visual breakdown was exceptionally helpful!

Honestly, I've gotten rather lazy over the years and don't really organize my layers that well. I mostly use them as a paper case I want to go back and see how I did a particular illustration..which means I have alot of big files. These last few posts might give me the motivation to get back on track into organization and save my poor processor from being overworked! ^_^ haha Thanks