Monday, February 10, 2014

At Flourish and Blotts Sketch

At Flourish and Blotts Sketch from Chamber of Secrets
I wanted to sketch this scene out for awhile. It is tough to get all the characters in there. :)


Mike Blake illustration said...

You have such an original adaptation of Harry Potter world and the characters! How do you separate yours from what already exists/or that you've been exposed to? Just curious... ^_^

Felicia Cano said...

Thanks Mike! I try not to draw "movie" versions but it is hard with some characters. Maggie Smith is just McGonagall in my head still. :) If I feel like my sketch it is too close to the movie or another artist, I try to push the design more or start again. I always check the Harry Potter wiki so that I get the description based on the book and not go on my memory. I will also sometime listen to the audiobook so that I get the scene right. I definitely did for this sketch, I forgot about Hermione and her Parents. :P
For this sketch I checked Lucius Malfoy, because he was starting too get close. I think Draco is still a little too close to the movie. The rest felt different enough. Sometimes it is like drawing who you would of casted. If that makes sense. :)

Mike Blake illustration said...

Wow! You put alot of thought into these sketches then (I really enjoy them). ^_^ I figured the way you seem to "spontaneously" create them and your character designs for the Harry Potter world, and all the details from each scene in the book, was second nature...just brimming at the surface. Though, I'm sure that's still partly true (and I'm jealous. ^_^ )

BTw, thanks for posting on my blog. If you liked the house I did, you should see the picture that will show up tomorrow on my blog (8am CST)! I'm no Kazuo Oga, but I'm pretty proud of it!