Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Here are a few thumbnail pages from my sketchbook. These are very rough concepts for some of the compositions I might work on in the future. Plus some character designs for fun.

These are sketched in a 5 by 8 inch Moleskine Sketchbook with a Copiic Multiliner 0.05 pen.


Mike Blake / Monisawa said...

Thanks Felicia. This post, and your reply in the last, clears up a lot of questions I had regarding your work. Your ‘rough sketches’ have a lot of magic, vitality and depth that is refreshing…and it is apparent I need to spend more time doing fun/spontaneous work, like you did in these thumbnail pages…in order to build up to creating stronger ‘rough sketches’. (The relaxed time frame would also be nice for all illustrations, but reality must keep us in its death-grip.)

Is this method/process (as you described in the last post and with these thumbnail pages), roughly the same for your fantasy/serious illustrations?


Felicia Cano said...

Your welcome!
Yes except for the watercolor stuff, it is pretty much the same workflow.
I work better if I can do a side project (like these) while I work on my fantasy assignments. If I can't do a big project (Umbridge took months of on and off), I sketch in my spare time. It helps me a lot.