Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Sketches of the Year :)


Mike Blake / Monisawa said...

Felecia, I have to say that I love your sketches. For the past year I've been drawn to them more than any other artist!

Approximately how much time do you spend making just one? And what sort of process do you go through to come up with the idea, and then arrive at what we see (the finalized sketch)?

Felicia Cano said...

Thanks Mike!
It is hard for me to give an exact time because I fit them in as "break" sketches in between freelance assignments.
Thumbnails- (Sketchbook) A few minutes for each. I work really small and with pen so I don't get too fussy with the composition and the character design. I usually think about the idea before I get a chance to sketch (usually a few days or weeks but sometimes months). Sometimes I just come up with something on the spot.

Rough Sketch-(in Photoshop) About an hour or 2. Sometimes over a period of time and sometimes longer.

Final Drawing- (in Photoshop) About 4-5 hours but really depends on the composition and how far I got on the rough sketch.

Transfer Drawing to watercolor paper- About 1-3 hours. Umbridge probably more because of the wall paper.

Color studies- 1-2 hours

Final Painting- Really depends on the composition but 1 week to 2 for a large painting. Less for smaller.

I will post some of my thumbs next post.