Monday, October 13, 2014

The Halloween House

My second children's book came out earlier this month. It is called "The Halloween House" and was written by Elizabeth Massie and illustrated by me. Here is the cover and a couple of pages. 
I will put some more pages up tomorrow.
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Mike Blake illustration said...

WOW, I love Halloween books (my personal favorite genre), and your cover illustration is WONDERFUL(especially that HOUSE! SO perfect!) I can't wait till you post more of your book!!!

I recently did a children's book for a textbook company about a scary night, and spent alot of time doing old Victorian brown stone townhouses (you can see the cover on my new facebook page: That was alot of fun...I love old houses.

This may be a impertinent question, but do you know if the company is currently interested in new artists? Looking through your book several others on there, it seems their projects are alot of fun! I couldn't find a contact about illustration on their website...just thougth I'd ask. ^_^

Felicia Cano said...

Thanks Mike!!

Cool! How did you like working with the textbook company?

Totally not impertinent. I think they are always looking. I couldn't find their contact info on the website either so I will email you their email. :)