Saturday, June 27, 2009

Taweret (NSFW)

For Conceptart's CHOW#163

@Felicia Cano
Envoy of the Khemethar

Nearly 6000 years ago, the Khemethar discovered a small blue planet on the edge of the galaxy, and sent an envoy to the primitive species that lived there. They made contact with a strange but industrious people in a place which first would be known as the Upper and Lower Kingdoms, and then the united nile valley would come to be known as Egypt.

The primitive race could not completely understand where their new guests had come from, and explanations of their journey through the stars led the Egyptians to believe that they had met Gods. The Khemethar's mission being one primarily of study, they allowed the egyptians their belief in order to get closer into their culture and to study the people of this planet much more closely.

Though a peaceful race in the grand sense of the word, they still suffered the same flaws as humanity, and fights often broke out between the members of the envoy - more than 2000 in number - some ending in injury, and death.

The stories of their hardships, battles, and revelations to the Egyptian people became legendary, and finally mythical. When they took their leave of the egyptian people, they left an undeniable mark upon them.

Notes :

- Design One or More of the Khemethar envoy, based upon one of the Egyptian Gods (ie, Aten-Ra, Isis, Osiris, Set, etc)

- You do not have to depict them as the Egyptians did - think of interesting things that they might have had/worn that might have been interpreted the way they were by the egyptians either for symbolic reasons, or simply because it was the closest thing that it looked like, not having the same technology/clothing available to them.

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